Wiring Harness Restoration

Wiring Harness Restoration

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We have a 99.98% success rate with less than .002% warranty, we take the time to do it right and we will not take on a wiring harness restoration unless we are 100% sure we can restore it.

Don’t junk it just because of wiring harness problems, we can restore it and even customize your harness!

Welcome to Wiring Harness Restoration. We are your source for wiring harness restoration and customizing. We repair connectors, recondition connector pins, and restore the wiring harness to give you a factory or better quality. We offer basic, full, and upgrade restorations, as well as upgrading and customizing of your wiring harnesses. We restore electrical components, if it has anything to do with DC electrics, we can fix, rebuild, or restore them.

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With over 30 years of wiring harness, electrical, and automotive experience, there is nothing we have not seen and no wiring harness or component we can’t fix. We can either fix it or we will make you an offer on it.

Times are tough right now. To help our customers we have increased our discounts to save you money.


Please note – We are open! Our shop is an employee-only shop, we do not allow foot traffic, as such we do not expect any issues related to COVID 19. Having said that there may be delays if one of our staff needs to be isolated and there could be delays in sourcing parts and in shipping companies performance. Many of our vendors are facing supply and staffing problems so we have had and expect we may have delays in production due to this. We are experiencing delays from our vendors, this is due to supply chain issues.