Wiring Harness Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

You send us your harness or we find a core harness to rebuild. We test and inspect the harness at no charge to you, and give you some options.  You decide which works best for you, we send you an invoice and get started. If you don’t like the options we send the harness back to you, at your cost, or give you an offer to buy it. More info on our services page

How much does it cost to rebuild my harness?

Every harness is different. All harnesses will have some oxidation on the connector pins and ends but oxidation will inhibit soldering. So all oxidation must be removed to get a good clean solder, especially if you have a computer-controlled vehicle. On average, for a normal automotive underhood harness, the cost runs from $300 to $1000 for a basic restoration, full restoration is usually $500 to $1500, and upgraded restoration can be $1500 to $3000. The price depends on the oxidation level, condition of the plastic connectors, and how large the harness is. The prices listed are averages, every harness is different.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer the following discounts:

12.5% Cryptocurrency payment – Our second highest discount, but why? they only charge us 1%, why such a high discount? because it saves us money, that simple. Fraud prevention is expensive, it costs quite a bit of money every year and the fact is that Cryptocurrency is the most secure way to pay for something. You may need to set it up on your end, easy to do, and we can help. But since you need to do a little leg work we give you a discount. We use Coinbase here is a link to the website

10% Pay by Check - Credit card companies charge a small fee but there is a lot more to it than that, there are compliance fees, state regulations, and more, it is a lot of time and paperwork. You can pay by check via our invoice program, you can pay with your bank’s online bill pay, or you can send us a certified bank check or money order. Bottom line is that checks save us money in time so we pass the savings on to you.

10% Business Discount – If the harness is used for business in any way, this includes office runs, deliveries, or rideshare, or anything else business-related, you get a discount for that. Please provide us with a company name, we do not need any other paperwork and we don t need to verify it.

10% No Rush – If you are not in a hurry, we have the no rush discount, with this the tech works on the harness as they have free time. Thinking about taking this? it can save you money and you can always pay the discount at any time if you need it finished sooner.

15% First Responder and Military Service  You are there for us and we are there for you, thanks for your service. This requires proof of service, sadly we have had people cheat on this in the past.

We just updated our policy on this, If you qualify, you can take all 4 discounts.

How long does it take?

We wish we had room for 500 techs to build harnesses but we don’t. Due to tech limitations, space limitations and volume, and more importantly, the condition of the harness, it can take some time to build. Some harnesses take a long time to get the pins deoxidized. There is no way to know how long it will take until we start deoxidizing them. Sometimes oxidation comes off easy and sometimes it is stubborn. During the pin deoxidization process, the connector pins often become too thin and we will need to replace them with ones from our B-D reclaim inventory and that adds to the time because the process starts over on the replaced pins. Some harnesses are worse than others, Some harnesses like Mercedes Benz, for example, can take well over a year, this is because connector parts are hard to find and there tends to be more oxidation on the pins. So there are no set time limits, however, you can have your harness expedited at any time during the process. We always say restoring a harness is more like restoring a painting than rebuilding an alternator. We have Bronze (start level), Silver, and Gold production lines if you need it sooner, click the link for more information.

Is there a refund if I decide I want to cancel the order?

This is custom work and there is a lot of labor that goes into it. Once we start on a harness we cannot return it to the condition it was in when a customer sent it to us. since it is difficult to find a buyer for a harness that may fit one specific year vehicle only, we can’t offer cash refunds. However, we can offer store credit or we can take it on consignment and sell it for you.

Can you build me a new harness?

Yes, in some cases, but it would be very expensive and the quality would be very low. To build a new one it would require us to buy aftermarket reproduction connectors. That would be expensive but the larger issue is that the quality would be very low due to the low quality of the aftermarket connectors. It is always better to rebuild a harness than build a new one, both quality, and price.

I am doing an engine swap, can you join the two harnesses together?

Yes and we can make any upgrades, remove unneeded components, modify it in any way you need, and make it look factory.

I bought a used harness for my vehicle but it does not fit or is not working, can you help?

Wiring harnesses are not like any other part on a vehicle, it is very common for a harness to be one year only in production. This is because of changing technology or emissions regulations. The harness is one of the most expensive parts and one place that the manufacturer tries to save money. The customer is constantly the research and development department. This is the reason why they only support harness for 7 to 10 years, it would take up a lot of shelf space to support them. Even though a body style, engine, transmission, and accessories did not change for, say five years, there may have been 4 different harnesses. We can take the harness you have and make the necessary changes so that it will work with your vehicle. However, the best way to do this is to use parts from your harness and the used harness that you have found.

Can you find a harness to build for my vehicle?

Usually yes, the problem is this, harnesses tend to oxidize faster when not in use. Also when someone needs that one connector for a vehicle that they have, they cut it from a harness when they are browsing the wrecking yard. And finally, rodents love to eat the insulation on a soy-based harness, so your harness is likely to be in better condition than the one we find. There is the problem of finding an exact match, we recommend this, we find a core, build it, and have you send in your harness so we can double-check that it is an exact match.

My harness is missing insulation or it is brittle and flakes off, why?

Thank the manufacture for that, in the late 80 they went to biodegradable insulation, the first round was soy-based. Then they learned that rodents love soy, round two. This time they changed the formula and rodents no longer feasted on the insulation, but guess what. Heat makes the second generation of insulation brittle, perfect thing for under hood insulation, where it is very hot. The answer to this is to use industrial-grade wires, they are not biodegradable. The fact is this, a harness from the 60s through the early 80, should, in theory, last 100 years, usually not due to other factors. That 20 years or so had the best automotive harness, but fuse technology was lacking.

Can you upgrade an older harness to modern fuses?

Yes, we can replace your glass fuse box with modern fuses and give you onboard relays and flashers.

My harness was in a fire, can you rebuild it?

That is a tough one, most likely yes. However, the wires next to the ones that burned will have been overheated. That heat will result in higher oxidation levels. The deciding factor is if the connectors are damaged or not. If they are, then it is better to find a core harness to build and use your connectors as needed, if possible.

How much will you pay me for my harness?

It all depends on the condition, you will need to send it in so we can test and inspect it, then we can give you a quote.

Do you accept payments?

Yes, usually we recommend a half down, but we are flexible. It works like this, you pay the down payment and we start work on it. There are no requirements for additional payment amounts or frequency. When we have worked through the payment that you have banked we put the work on hold until you make an additional payment. We don’t want to have a harness abandoned so we ask that you send us an email at least once a month regarding the payment, just let us know if you are paying that month or not. Of course, we can’t ship until the payment is paid in full. We charge 5% on every payment after the first one, This is a credit account but we do not check your credit and we are flexible on the payment dates.

Can you test my computer, sensors, and switches?

Yes, we are happy to so, there is no charge for computer testing, but there are charges for some sensors and switches.

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