Original Wiring Harness Manufacture Let You Down?

Another Finished Harness

Another Finished Harness

Most manufacturers support the wiring harness for 7 to 10 years, after that, you are on your own. That is why we are here, we will restore the harness that they will not support. Wiring Harness Restoration has over 30 years of combined experience in Restoring and Customizing Wiring Harnesses so we have seen it all. And best of all we have a .002% warranty rate because we take the time to do it right the first time.

We can save your harness!

Wiring Harness Fire

Wiring Harness Fire

Maybe you had a wiring harness fire? Missing insulation due to Rodents? Broken connectors? Bad or flaking off insulation? We have seen it all and we have fixed it all. We have saved almost 100% of all harnesses sent to us. With an extensive supply of reclaimed original manufacture connectors. If we don’t have the connector your wiring harness needs we can find it, even complete core wiring harnesses.

What type of harness do we work on?

Core Harnesses

We Buy A LOT Of Core Harnesses It Is The Best Way To Get OEM Quality Parts.

Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, Aircraft, Industrial, Engine Swap, and Custom, “One Of” Projects, you name it, we can do it all. Wiring Harness Restoration specializes in hard-to-find components. We have an extensive inventory of reclaim connectors and pins. As a result, we have a history of saving 99% of all harnesses sent to us. We buy OEM harnesses from customizing shops, and because of this, we have an extensive contact list of suppliers of core harnesses for a rebuild. Domestic or Import we do it all and we can make it better than the factory. Fire? Is insulation flaking off? Rodents ate your harness? We have seen it all. Don’t junk your car, we can rebuild your harness and keep your car on the road. After all, it’s cheaper than payments

Other Components or Only Harnesses?

Vintage Fire Truck External Rectifier

Custom Built Rectifier For Vintage Fire Truck, Original On The Left

Wiring Harness Restoration repairs all types of DC electrical components. Need that rare alternator rebuilt? Wiper motor or blower motor not turning? Is the irreplaceable dash switch not working? Seat motors, door, and window motors, speedometer or gauges not working, even vintage radios, and even vintage carburetors. In conclusion, we do it all!

How Does The Process Work?

Core Harnesses

Core Harnesses Waiting For Disassembly In The Tear-Down Room.

 Harnesses are very specific and at any time we will have 100 or more harnesses in process. We do not want to confuse your harness with a different one, so we assign a control number to it, we send you an e-sign document, fill it out online, print it out, put it in the box with the harness, and send it to us. We then test and inspect the harness and give you the results with up to 3 restoration options. We provide you options if you are in a rush and need the harness sooner rather than later and we provide upgrade options to make the harness better and/or last longer. You decide which options you would like and if any discounts apply to you. we then disassemble the harness and start the process of deoxidizing the pins.

Harness Connector Parts

OEM Connector Parts From A Core Harness. The Housings And Pins Are Restored And Reused.

The deoxidation process continues until the pins are completely deoxidized. During that process many will become too thin and need to be scraped, a thin pin is a loose connection and that can cause a fire so we do not want that. This process can take time but it is the only way to get a quality, long-lasting product. Once the pins are deoxidized the tech assembles the harness, it is then QC tested and when it passes the harness is wrapped, after a final inspection, it is ready to ship back to you.

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