Wiring Harness Restoration can rebuild your harness, find a core to rebuild.

In some cases build you a complete harness from our supply of parts. The wring connector pins need to be clean so we can solder a new wire on to the old pins. This can be very time consuming. Connector  pins oxidize over time, voltage and amps  flowing through the harness helps to slow down the oxidation, but it will never stop it. So a harness that has sat for some time will have more oxidization that one that has been in use, because of this it is usually better to rebuild your harness.

The pins are stripped from the connectors and sometimes the wires, then cycle soaked in a solution that will deoxidize the metal. However it also removes a microscopic amount of metal. Then they air cure for up to 7 days and we test and inspect to see how much oxidation is reforming. Them The process repeats on the ones that have oxidation reforming until they are completely deoxidized. At that point we vacuum seal the clean pin until we have all of them clean. Then coat the pins with a solution designed to protect the terminal and slow down oxidation formation.

Do you need to modernize your harness with better quality and larger wires than factory? Ask us about an upgrade to a modern fuse box and install a hidden fuse for classic vehicles. We can install a custom wrap that will help protect the harness from the elements. That is a perfect choice for hot regions, off road, marine and coastal customers.

Vehicle manufactures only supports wiring harnesses for 7 to 10 years.

That doesn’t seem right does it, but the fact is we live in a disposable world. Don’t dispose of your car, we can help!

Here is a sample list of Wiring Harnesses we have restored:
Off Road
Industrial Equipment
Vintage Computer, Stereo, TVs, and Appliances
Exercise Equipment such as Stair Climbers and Treadmills
Amplifiers, CB, Car Audio, Ham Radio
Electric Guitar and Amplifiers, Mixing Board and Recording Equipment.
Vintage Shop Equipment
So if it has wires and connectors we can fix or restore it.

What is the harness on?
You are welcome to send up photos but we cannot give a quote based on the photos
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Abrams Tank Harness
Vintage Wiring Harness Fuse Box Upgrade
Early Fuel Injected Wiring Harness
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Vintage Tractor Wiring Harness Rebuilt
Restored and Upgraded Fuel Injection Wiring Harness
Vintage Fire Truck External Rectifier
Rebuilt Wiring Harness
Wiring Harness About To Be Rebuilt
Wiring Harness With Burned Wires And Poor Repair Jobs
Burned Wires And Connector Due To High Amp Alternator
Wiring Harness That Has Been Cut And Hacked Up
Biodegradable Wiring Harness Heat Makes The Insulation Brittle
Heat Causes Insulation To Flake Off Biodegradable Insulation
Custom H4 Headlight Wiring Harness Upgrade
Vintage Tractor Harness With Brunt Wires Due To Incorrect Fuse
Biodegradable Wiring Harness Were A Bad Idea
Custom H4 Headlight Wiring Harness Upgrade
Wiring Harness With Bad Splices
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