Here are the restoration production lines that are available.

Production Line


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Bronze (Tortoise)

Starting level, this is the start point for all restorations. With the Bronze level we deoxidize connector pins from your harness and reclaim B-D grade connector pins when your pins become too thin to reuse due to the deoxidation process. Think of this as the slow lane.

We have no way of knowing how many pins will be scrapped, some will, it always happens. Some connector pins are very rare and impossible to find, in that case we are forced to recondition and reuse your pins. Because of that there are no estimated completion times for this level. Need it faster? Look at our Silver and Gold levels.

Silver (Hare)

Silver level restoration, this bypasses the deoxidation by using A-grade pins. This eliminates the deoxidation process that can be time consuming. Think of this as the middle lane

This is subject to availability of pins. A grade pins are like uncirculated coins, they are rare and can be expensive. When they are gone, and we will no longer have the ability to speed up a restoration. The cost is based on the required A-grade pins and a service fee. This is a bid that we email you and you can decide if you would like to select this optional level.

Gold (Cheetah)

Gold Level, the fastest way we can complete a restoration. Think of this as the fast lane.

This is the A grade pins from Level 2 so it requires the same availability of pins that the silver level does. With this level our master techs work overtime. Prices are sent in a bid and the customer can approve if they wish.

Please note, that this is separate from the restoration options. This is applicable to how quickly we can restore the harness.

For more information on the process visit our FAQ page and our Understanding Wiring Harnesses page.